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John Tory Hates Poor People (ft. Aliya Pabani)

August 06, 2021 Big Shiny Takes
Big Shiny Takes
John Tory Hates Poor People (ft. Aliya Pabani)
Show Notes

Aliya Pabani of the Encampment Support Network, and host of We Are Not the Virus, joins us to talk about Toronto Mayor John Tory's "reasonable, firm, but compassionate" war on homeless encampments in the city.

We come by this through a column from newly-minted National Post ghoul Adam Zivo, who writes that the violent displacement of unhoused people from the city's encampments, like the one at Lamport Stadium, were in fact a victory for the working class, as if no working people are unhoused.

In case you're wondering what kinda guy Zivo is, he describes himself as an LGBTQ activist, "with a focus on incremental change and private sector sponsorships." 

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