Big Shiny Takes

One Derek to Another (ft. Elaine Pauls)

January 30, 2021 Big Shiny Takes
Big Shiny Takes
One Derek to Another (ft. Elaine Pauls)
Show Notes

Our pal Elaine Pauls (@heylaineys) joins us again to talk about Derek Sloan's donation from white supremacist douche Paul Fromm.

Former UCP bad boy Derek Fildebrandt, who was kicked out of the party after getting caught renting out his publicly-funded Edmonton apartment on AirBnB, doing a hit-and-run, and illegally hunting, to talk about how Derek Sloan did nothing wrong, or if he did do something wrong it wasn't a big deal.

Now why would a notorious neo-Nazi want to donate money to the Conservative Party?

For dessert, we talk about Barbara Kay's 4,000-word "scoop" on Jessica Mulroney's text messages and cancel culture, or some bullshit. 


PressProgress - Conservative Party of Canada Confirms Conservative MP Derek Sloan Accepted Donation from neo-Nazi

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Akanksha Singh - The race for a COVID-19 vaccine isn't about humanity, it's about imperialism

ProPublica - What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol

Aris Roussinos - The Armies of the Right

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