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10 Things I Hate About the Year in Review

January 09, 2021 Big Shiny Takes Season 2 Episode 1
Big Shiny Takes
10 Things I Hate About the Year in Review
Show Notes

New year, new theme music, new BST!

We've got a couple 2020 in review pieces that suggest maybe the hell year we're all traumatized from wasn't so bad after all. 

We start off with Never Trumper-turned-Trumper Hugh Hewitt's piece in the Washington Post, which contends that, sure, there was the whole pandemic thing, but there were also some bright spots, such as the amazing work Trump has done combatting the virus. We challenge you to name a U.S. president who has handled COVID-19 better.

Next, we go for some Canadian content from washed up Liberal partisan hack turned Conservative hack Warren Kinsella, who gives us his 10 winners and losers from the year that was. To give a preview of the list's coherence, his top 3 were the country's premiers, Doug Ford (a premier) and Brian Pallister (a premier). 


Charlie Angus defends himself from the smears

Oliver Holmes and Hazem Balousha - Palestinians excluded from Israeli Covid vaccine rollout as jabs go to settlers

Valerie Hopkins - Old tensions still alive in Bosnia 25 years after Dayton

Nora Loreto - Canada Is Robbing the Global South of a Pandemic Recovery

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