Big Shiny Takes

Howard Levitt, time cop (ft. Alex from Haus of Decline)

November 27, 2020 Season 1 Episode 21
Big Shiny Takes
Howard Levitt, time cop (ft. Alex from Haus of Decline)
Show Notes

Senior Big Shiny Takes Institute legal analyst Alex (@NaomiDecline) from Haus of Decline — America's foremost Calvinist pod — joins us to take on two NPCs (National Post Columnists) who are lawyers. 

First off, we've got Howard Levitt, whom you may know as Jordan Peterson's libel lawyer and the guy who abandoned his Ferrari in a puddle. He's here to tell you that you're not working hard enough from home, you filthy time thief!

Then we talk about another Jordan Peterson-affiliated lawyer, Bruce Pardy, who, according to a review on Rate My Professors, opens his class at Queen's University with a declaration that his classroom "will never be a safe space." However, he's quite triggered by Queen's' decision to renamed the Sir John A. Macdonald building.


That time Howard Levitt abandoned his $200K car in a puddle

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