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You're tearing me apart, Licia (ft. Roberta Lexier)

November 13, 2020 Big Shiny Takes Season 1 Episode 20
Big Shiny Takes
You're tearing me apart, Licia (ft. Roberta Lexier)
Show Notes

We're joined by Podcast High principal and Mount Royal University historian Roberta Lexier (@rlexier) to discuss Licia Corbella's postponed knee surgery and the only thing a Trudeau has done that she supports, invoking the War Measures Act to militarily occupy Quebec.

While hospital workers went on a wildcat strike across Alberta, winning the hearts and minds of working people, Corbella writes in the Calgary Herald that she'd love to support them but was mildly inconvenienced, so alas she cannot.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Bloc Quebecois leader Yves Francois-Blanchet have called for Canada to issue an apology for the October Crisis, in which Pierre Elliot Trudeau suspended civil liberties for all of Quebec in October 1970. In another piece, Corbella says we should never apologize for hardcore militarism against the French Menace. 

Roberta, who happens to be teaching a course on the October Crisis this semester, tells us why Corbella is engaging in crude historical revisionism.


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