Big Shiny Takes

Terry Gladio (ft. Abdul Malik)

September 26, 2020 Big Shiny Takes Season 1 Episode 17
Big Shiny Takes
Terry Gladio (ft. Abdul Malik)
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss a guy so anti-imperialist that he unquestioningly supports U.S. imperialism. That's right, we're talking about Macleans contributing editor, National Post columnist and all-around neocon ghoul Terry Glavin (Gladio). 

The piece in question is a masterful work of concern trolling, where he suggests that if BLM activists want to win him over, they'll have to stop wearing clothes. It's essentially a hornier, unironic version of the classic Matt Bors cartoon.

Gladio comes very close to making a valid point about supply chains in the Third World and their dependence on sweatshops, but bookends it with a wildly superficial attack on the moral integrity of BLM.

Joining us is long-time friend of the show and recovering podcaster Abdul Malik (@socialistraptor), who bonds with Eric over their Mississauga heritage.


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