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Justin, WE have a problem

August 02, 2020 Big Shiny Takes Season 1 Episode 13
Big Shiny Takes
Justin, WE have a problem
Show Notes

WE have returned to talk about the scandal that has rocked Canadian politics for the past few weeks. This is, of course, courtesy of a shady charity run by Canada's McPoyle twins. The prime minister wanted to hand them a $900-million contract to administer a government student summer jobs program, which some could interpret as payback for the paid speeches his mom and brother have given them.

Eric read Marc and Craig Keilburger's book "ME to WE: Finding Meaning in a Material World," which WE use to set up a discussion the extremely normal, not-at-all cultish vibes of the WE Charity.

WE also try to figure out what it is WE does, beyond holding stadium-sized pep rallies for schoolchildren and owning property. WE still don't really know.

And for the main event, WE discuss two Postmedia pieces that are part of a clear effort at image rehabilitation for the Keilburgers. The first is a puff piece written by "Postmedia Staff" that really plays up the Keilburgers' cultishness as a good thing. The latter is a piece written by Marc (or is it Craig?) about how WE need to get workers back to their offices so they can socialize and get sick.


Michael Parenti - U.S. Interventionism, the Third World and the U.S.S.R. (1986)

Davide Mastracci - How Did We Get Stuck with Jon and Barbara Kay?

Jeremy - Jason Kenney Is Trying to Kill Alberta's Labour Movement

49th Parahell - Libentology (with Karen Geier)

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