Big Shiny Takes

Margaret Wente is not even mad bro (ft. Emily Leedham)

July 19, 2020 Big Shiny Takes Season 1 Episode 12
Big Shiny Takes
Margaret Wente is not even mad bro (ft. Emily Leedham)
Show Notes

Big Shiny Takes is back with an episode on a columnist that is truly memorable for all the wrong reasons, Margaret Wente. But first we briefly discuss the WE scandal engulfing Canadian news, before launching into a discussion of tHe LetTeR and cAnCeL cUlTuRe to set the scene for Wente's woe-is-me shtick.

If you haven't been keeping track, Wente was recently appointed to a meaningless college society/illuminati front called The Quadrangle Society. This was met with criticism due to several wrinkles in Wente's career (plagiarism, defending race science, writing dumb anti-environmentalist columns). As we find out in her column published in Quillette, the world's leading phrenology journal, the appointment didn't go the way she had planned, but she is definitely not upset about it.

We're joined this week by PressProgress reporter and host of Rank and File Radio Emily Leedham (@Emily_Leedham_).


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