Big Shiny Takes

Joe Warmington, people's champ (ft. Stephen Magusiak)

June 13, 2020 Big Shiny Takes Season 1 Episode 9
Big Shiny Takes
Joe Warmington, people's champ (ft. Stephen Magusiak)
Show Notes

We're joined by Stephen Magusiak (@magusiak) of PressProgress to talk about a real banner week for Postmedia sleaze.

First, we discuss Rex Murphy's absolute dumpster fire on how racism isn't a major issue in our fake country that was built off ethnically cleansing Indigenous people, the response from some of his own National Post colleagues and the near-complete lack of accountability for Postmedia stalwarts.

Next, we chat about People's Champ Joe Warmington's incoherent column on gang violence, which was mysteriously wiped from the internet after he (even more mysteriously) made up Drake lyrics. We suspect the Toronto Sun may have received a call from Drake's lawyer.


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Manisha Krishnan - Journalists at Canada's biggest conservative newspaper revolt over column denying racism

Toronto Sun retracts Joe Warmington column on 'gang culture' that quoted fake Drake lyric

Joe Warmington - Homolka rumour ruins model's life

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